The most convenient way to buy and sell beautiful used furniture.

Safe, no-contact collection and delivery available at all times.

Option to donate a % of your payout to a charity of your choice.

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Why Thrifted?

We sell your furniture professionally on your behalf. Hassle free & risk free.



We find the best buyers for your old, new and antique furniture. Once sold, you receive your payout.



Save yourself the hassle of negotiating with timewasters. We handle all logistics & payments.



We promote and collect your furniture for free at a time convenient to you. No risk or upfront costs.



Giving furniture a second life means less landfill. Multi-item pickups minimize our environmental impact.

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How it works

Professional photos, listings, transport & payments. We handle it all.

We welcome submissions where the collection date is in 2+ business days and the resale value is £500+

Step 1

Complete our easy selling form. Within 48 hours we'll let you know which items we can accept on consignment and agree terms of sale

Step 1: Submit your furniture

Step 2

We collect your items, take professional photographs and use our expertise to market via online and industry routes over 30 days

Step 2: We photograph and market

Step 3

Once the items are sold and delivered, you receive 40% of the sales price. This setup ensures our goal, which is to maximise prices for you

Step 3: We sell and you receive your payout

Unsold items?

Although it rarely happens, you have a choice. We can return to you or pass them on to our partners at the British Heart Foundation

Unsold items go to charity
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A happy seller

When we moved from the UK our furnishings voted 'remain', and Thrifted helped find them great new homes. The Thrifted team was a delight to work with plus they saved us and made us money. All this and helping save the planet, what more could we have wished for?

- Russell

A happy buyer

Thank you ❤️ so much I love it

- samnur66 (via eBay)

A happy seller

We had to move overseas quickly and didn’t have time to sell our furniture ourselves. The Thrifted team came and picked everything up and managed to sell it all. Anthony and Ronel were efficient and professional and handled everything for us. They made a stressful move much easier! 

- Victoria

A happy buyer

Excellent communication at every step - friendly & very helpful.

- gurglepig (via eBay)

A happy seller

Thank you for all of your help - I am most appreciative of the effort you made to help me and will recommend your business to others.

- Anna

About Thrifted

At Thrifted, we simplify the process of selling used furniture.  We specialise in premium brand items that sellers submit to us at

Upon collection, we inspect all items to ensure maximum transparency to all potential customers.

We sell items through a variety of offline and online channels but on this site you will only find top brand items in excellent condition, ready for delivery.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.